Customers Testimonies

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Mrs MALHER  .  Grimaud (Var)

Being often absent in travel abroad, I had all satisfaction to bring in SAS PROVENCE EXPERTISE BATIMENT which allowed me to avoid several errors in my construction by intervening on my place as Assistant to Contracting Authority according to the mission we had defined.

Mr GRINDOU  .  Neoules (Var)

After several consultations of professionals from which the notices differed a lot, I called on to the Expertise of the Company PROVENCE EXPERTISE BATIMENT which solved a severe problem of cracks on the walls of my villa. Fast and effective intervention, competent and nice company!

Mr LHOMME .  (Var)

 I encountered severe difficulties in the construction of my swimming pool: the mason having made the work with several faults and non-compliance, the swimming pool had to be demolished! The Company PROVENCE EXPERTISE BATIMENT studied and made a success of the “recovery” of the structure, what avoided me its demolishing.
I so saved 22 000€, not insignificant amount, thanks to the serious expertise of an experienced Company.

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